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Seriously, is this……?!

Can someone tell me what it is on the plate:


What the hell is this?!


I ate it because I was hungry:-(

Jesus, I had the worst Kaiserschmarrn I ever had yesterday at Wolseley..really overrated restaurant. I could not believe what I saw when the dish was delivered to the table. How could anybody call this a ‘Viennese Cafe’ if they can’t even manage such a simple dish?!

To start with, we had to wait for 45 minutes to get a table…Saw Salmon Rushdie walk into the restaurant with his young son.  So what! I know that place is packed with 33% celebrities, 33% middle class who desperately want to rub shoulders with upper middle class or upper class, 33% of tourists who want to bring back the news – dined at such such places, had such such dishes..I saw a Japanese woman was eating Yorkshire pudding with sugar! LOL..obviously, she thought that was a dessert…well, the fact is Yorkshire pudding is NOT dessert pudding!

Two young girls from the states, one with LA accent  was giving the other (with NY Yankee accent) fashion tips. I quickly worked out their relationship. One hired the other to be her fashion consultant. Can I call her a stylist or wardrobe adviser –  she wore shining sequin in the bright day light! How could one seriously take her advice serious?! Did they come to London for a bit of fashion inspiration? Have they learned anything yet? I don’t think so.

I must admit it’s a place you see all kinds of people – including some very pushy American tourists. This guy stood next to me near the bar asked the Matre D at least 3 times with the same question – Is my table ready?

While I was gazing at the dinners out of boredom, I had dizzy spells due to lack of sugar in my blood – I was bloody hungry! Felt like to rush to Pret bought myself a sandwich before I faint in this up-market restaurant.

Finally, we sat down. Fish stew – the chef was most generous with the salt! Ok, main dish was rather disappointing, I still held the high hope for my dessert – after all, I came to Wolseley for my beloved Viennese dessert. ….OMG… I wanted to cry out loud over that grotesque-looking….Kaiserschmarrn? – what the hell was that? Did the chef ever see a real Kaiserschmarrn?

A Scandinavian couple next to me was murmuring the name of my dessert.

“May I just say, it doesn’t look like the Kaiserschmarrn I had in Munich, Salzburg and Vienna. ” I warned them.

“We just wonder what it is, how does it taste?” They were very curious.


They burst into friendly laughs.

My co-dinner obviously was very happy about his choice of food – he had Roast Beef with Roast Potatoes and Yorkshire Pudding – first thing I learned about English cuisine (if they call it cuisine at all) when I was learning English from Follow Me, a programme produced by BBC. I was about 12.

Kaiserschmarrn normally looks like this...

Kaiserschmarrn normally looks like this...

Good old English food is what they can do in this restaurant, but please invent a different name for what they called Kaiserschmarrn on the menu. Call it – God Knows What It Is!