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Made in Dagenham


Hang on a minute! I am only talking about a British film!!! Is it really about sex?

Not at all!……well, not the kind of sex you are thinking of. Now, I have to admit that I made the same assumption when I saw the poster.

Made in Dagenham was released in Germany as ‘ We Want Sex’…as to how this slogan came from? Click the following link to see the trailer.


When I rented this film on lovefilm, I genuinely thought it was just a feel good comedy with some sex innuendo. (I was thinking of one of those ‘carry on’ films).

As a matter of fact, it is far more than some kind of jokes which are allegedly based on a true story. It is about Equal Pay.

Dagenham is in Essex. All I knew about this place was there is a Ford factory in the area. What I did not know was the scale of the factory plant in the 60’s. Among thousands of work force, there were only 187 female workers.

But…these 187 sewing machinists made the history! They called a strike which led to a new legislation in the UK and consequently changed the conditions in some other European countries about equal pay for women.

Watch out! Essex girls are quick-witted and sharp tongued. Don’t mess up with them! They stick to their guns!!!

The film indeed sexed up a bit to appeal to the audience and the cast might look a bit more glamorous than the strikers in real life. However, this is still what I’d call a serious film about a very serious issue. And this is a good motion film should be.

A film about grim strikers? Who would like to see it?! So why not made it into a touching and uplifting film with a sense of humour and naughtiness?