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The show must go on – On Tour (Tournée)

On Tour

Honestly, I was a bit stunned by the body shapes of some actresses in On Tour. I somehow associated burlesque with Dita Von Teese – doesn’t she look gorgeous?! The hour glass figure, the pussy cat pose, the saucy corsage and stockings…….

It’s the burlesque season of the year! There are two films coming out – one (On Tour) is directed by French actor Mathieu Amalric, who is also the leading actor in the film. The other (Burlesque) is a Hollywood blockbuster – Cher and Christina Aguilera are the leading actresses.

No doubt the Hollywood version will be full of cliches –  I don’t listen to Christina’s songs. And I found Cher’s face a bit scary – she’s done too much on her face.

On Tour is different.

Mathieu Amalric

I have seen Amalric in quite a few films in recent years (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Quantum of Solace, Meserine). He has a face that I found impossible to forget – not exactly handsome, but rather quirky, dark and intellectual (strange combination!). It’s a face that can convey unspoken languages and thoughts.

One of my favourite scenes is the flirtation between him and the woman who works at the petrol station. He did effortlessly with his charm and a few simple lines – none of those can you hear in most mainstream Hollywood films. Honestly, I think most scripts from tinsel town made my skin crawl – people don’t talk like that in real life!

All the women who performed burlesque in the film are credible – they are actual burlesque dancers.   The film was shot in a naturalistic documentary style. It might sometimes appear dull for audience who want actions and high power entertainment. However, if you are a fan of French cinema, you will only be drawn by Amalric’s talent – this film gives you more of an insight into burlesque artists off stage every day life.

With On Tour, Amalric won the Best Director Award at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.