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Dicky and his Mid-Life Crisis

ist2_4467667-fat-man-runningOne day, Dicky looked at himself in the mirror: God…is that me? I am fat! That can’t be ME!

Dicky nearly had a panic attack. No, to be precise, he had his mid-life crisis.

What did he do? He jumped to a flight, started backpacking in Indonesia, rented a jeep driving around the island, ate local food, 5 meals a day! When he was back to Germany, he lost 10 kilos. He drank ginger tea, green tea, ate a lot of fish (must be hard to manage, Berlin is nowhere near the sea).

He started running…first 3 km, then 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25…….I could picture him run in the parks like Forrest Gump, with the determination to get back his shape so he wouldn’t scare the hell out of himself when he faced his mirror again. (Is there a statistics saying that more men look at themselves in the mirror than women? I’m pretty sure I read it somewhere with a great interest.)

I just wonder whether there is another way to deal with mid-life crisis. Maybe stop checking out himself in a full-length mirror.

Later he even quit his high-profile-burning-fast job, . Started his own business.He got more freedom, he is a much happier man.

“Nobody asked what car i ride, who I am or what I do… once you look better and are not too stupid, everything’s fine…”

I doubt about his theory. If you don’t have a good figure, if you are fat, everything will be still fine if you are loaded with 2 or 3 yachts in Monaco, a private jet waiting to take off any time. Lieber Dicky,  you were just not rich enough!

But I have to agree with him to a certain extent. It goes without saying that if you are middle aged, not established, not talented, a fat figure is not going to impress any chicks whether they are spring chicks or sophisticated mature hens. This society is all about looking good. Sounds superficial? You don’t have to be handsome. Most people weren’t born with a strikingly beautiful face. You just need to have a reasonably good figure, spend some time in the gym, eat healthy, dress sensibly…ok, if you don’t know how, hire a personal shopper or wardrobe adviser. (hey, I’m here to help:-)

Of course, rich people have their mid-life crisis too…such as wifeys walk out on them and demand half of their assets (or even more).

And yes, as Dicky said, everyone has mid-life crisis. We just deal with it differently. You don’t know when you get it. You can’t time it. You feel it when it hits you.

“men get it more than women… women have more time to live their dreams they live longer… and women always speak so much and fast, day and night because they know that men don’t live so long and so they have to tell men everything as long they’re still alive……” Dicky concluded.



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