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Hotel Policy

A German friend recently travelled to Stuttgart on business.

At the hotel reception, he spoke to the receptionist:

“Single room, please.”

“I need to let you know we have a policy for single rooms.”

“What’s that?”

“If your guest stays more than 30 minutes in your room, then we will have to charge you for double room price.”

“30 minutes should be more than enough…”


No kidding

Charlie Croker wrote a book – One Out of Eight Brits. There some some rather useless but interesting statistics…here is one about women in Britain: 1 out of 5 women in Britain doesn’t wear a panties at work!

I wonder why.

Answer 1: To 100% eliminate VPL (visible panty line).  Fed up with thongs that make you so uncomfortable that you want to kill whoever designed them. (Must be a man).

Answer 2: To boost your confidence. If you don’t have a perfect figure to show off, then leak out this little secret at work, it might turn a few heads on your way to the fax machine.

Doctor and his patient

Translated from someone’s Chinese blog:

A pretty woman came to see a doctor. Doc asked her to take off her clothes for examination.

“Doc, I’m not very comfortable taking them off in front of you…”

“Ok, I turn off the light, you tell me when you are ready.”

In the dark, “Doc, I’m ready, where should I put my clothes?”

“Here, just put them on the top of my clothes”