The September Issue

The September Issue

The September Issue

This documentary tells some interesting stories about a bunch of larger than life editors at Vogue.

Editor in chief Anna Wintour – behind her icy armour, it is her business talent that has been driving Vogue to success.

Grace Coddington, ex-model turned creative director, seemed to eclipse Anna in the film. Her working relationship with Anna, however odd it is, is the compelling driving force at Vogue. In the end, Anna had to put some of  Grace’s ingenious ideas back to the drawing board.

Grace and Anna

Grace and Anna

I often thought fashion designers predict the trend for the next season.  I was wrong. It is Anna Wintour who influence the fashion industry. She has the final say about what goes to the issue. We, as readers of Vogue,  will probably never have a glimpse over what she has ‘killed’.  I was very surprised to see how those big names so scared of Anna. If she breathed a word like ‘no’, their effort over months would go to the drain.

Some critics claimed that this film failed to probe deeper into Anna’s inner world. I think the film is good enough to prevail what’s behind the glitz of fashion industry.  Do we really want to know more about Anna’s private life? We were told that her father was an editor at Evening Standard and her siblings all engage in rather respectable and more serious jobs.  Anna’s daughter wanted to go to a law school, she did not think a job like her mom’s is serious enough for her.

It is a serious job to run any business into profit.

Anna Wintour is doing a damn serious job.


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