Mesrine: Public Enemy No.1

mesrine_public EnemyI stared at the screen – the final scene – a close up of dripping blood from Mesrine’s head.

If you salute to Godfather and its sequels, you will take your hats off to this brilliant gangster film of the year.

Jean-Francois Richet’s second-part biopic of Jacque Mesrine is even more exciting! More bank robberies, more prison breaks, more escapes, at one point Mesrine was holding a judge as his hostage – one of the many highlights in the film. Kidnapping, car chasing, gun shooting, bang! bang! bang!

This installment revealed more the psychology behind Mesrine’s acts – how did he use mass media to get his household name status in France and how he fell out with the media and thus became a notorious criminal and finally gunned down in the street of Paris by a carefully planned police operation.

Mesrine’s charisma was brilliantly captured by Vincent Kassel, who obviously gained quite a bit of weight for playing the role. Mesrine ‘s multifaceted personalities – violent, ruthless,  smug,  humorous, and yet he loves pretty women. They found him irresistible – women!

The music just added more excitement to the incredibly swift pace. I was fascinated by the stylishness and the thrilling sequence throughout the film.

Ludvine SagnierFinally, Ludivine Sagnier   was sensational – she was naked again. “But I didn’t get naked in cheap movies. It’s not in order to tease the audience and it never got obscene……” She said in an interview.


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