No kidding

Charlie Croker wrote a book – One Out of Eight Brits. There some some rather useless but interesting statistics…here is one about women in Britain: 1 out of 5 women in Britain doesn’t wear a panties at work!

I wonder why.

Answer 1: To 100% eliminate VPL (visible panty line).  Fed up with thongs that make you so uncomfortable that you want to kill whoever designed them. (Must be a man).

Answer 2: To boost your confidence. If you don’t have a perfect figure to show off, then leak out this little secret at work, it might turn a few heads on your way to the fax machine.


3 responses to “No kidding

  1. Unfortunately, where i work is dominated by men, from a population perspective. However, the few women that are in evidence seem to be wearing quite obviously, Quite Big Pants. This is apparent from the outlines. Imagine how disappointed I am to discover that I work where the women appear to be atypical and badly dressed dessous!

  2. Well, I guess you also saw women in white linen trousers. They should never wear them in a sunny day as the sunlight betrays everything underneath the trousers – big pants, thongs or nothing at all!

    • Yes, indeed! You obviously know all about such fashion faux-pas. Its not something one often needs to consider as a man. It must be hard being a lady and having to think of all these things.

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