IL Divo

Il Divo

Giulio Andreotti:  The most difficult dictatorship to hate is your own.

I am not interested in politics in general. I thought any director who wants to make a film out of a politician is heading to box-office suicide . Maybe I was wrong.

I saw the Italian film Il Divo.

Although most of the time I got lost in unfamiliar events which took place in Italy. I Still want to argue that Il Divo is a success to certain extent, at least artistically.

Spielberg could have turned it into a commercially very successful film with a cast like Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, another God Father like film. I guess Italians in Italy would not like to see his film, or at least I wouldn’t. And I am not even an Italian, I don’t even know much about Italian politics either.

It is a film not judged by average audience, but by film makers, by the audience who are aware of that part of Italian political life – Giulio Andreotti’s, 5 times (or 7 times? ) Prime Minster in Italy.

I was enchanted by the brilliant acting of Toni Servillo. Paolo Sorrentino reunited with Toni after The Consequence of Love won the well deserved international recognition.   The film’s another strength rests on the capability of portraying the personality of Andreotti.

The cinematography is absolutely fascinating. The sequence of the scenes is slick and editing is seamless. However, the captions in both languages were annoying. Otherwise I could have enjoyed much more. I can’t really say I like the choice of some American pop music. What for? Did they really enhance the film? Italian politics has its own protocols, anything foreign such as the African music played at the party scene in Il Divo looked rather surreal and out of place.


3 responses to “IL Divo

  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog, youre writing skills are really well written and I am now interested in seeking this out. I know you just started out not too long ago blogging here but I’ll be back often 🙂

  2. well just as a side note then, its very impressive how good your english is, with it being a secondary language and all. No worries!

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